Lisa (rather_singular) wrote in ubc_slais,

Joint program

Hi! I'm pretty sure I've never made the second post in a community before!

I'm not a student as SLAIS yet, nor did I apply this year. I'm currently an MA student in history at UVic, though I'm originally from Ontario, and I'm thinking of applying to UBC next year, since I am now happily certain that I do NOT want a PhD in history! My work experience is all in archives and I am really interested in the principles of archives, so I thought to apply to the MAS program, but I'm also interested in academic librarianship, so I was intrigued by the joint program. My former boss also recommended it.

What I'd like to know is any of your experiences with that program, or anythign you know about it. I'm hesitant to apply, because I don't think I want to stay in school for another three years, but if it offers huge advantages...

I won't be applying for quite a while, so if you come across this entry next year, when hopefully the community gets going, feel free to respond!
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