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Joint program

Hi! I'm pretty sure I've never made the second post in a community before!

I'm not a student as SLAIS yet, nor did I apply this year. I'm currently an MA student in history at UVic, though I'm originally from Ontario, and I'm thinking of applying to UBC next year, since I am now happily certain that I do NOT want a PhD in history! My work experience is all in archives and I am really interested in the principles of archives, so I thought to apply to the MAS program, but I'm also interested in academic librarianship, so I was intrigued by the joint program. My former boss also recommended it.

What I'd like to know is any of your experiences with that program, or anythign you know about it. I'm hesitant to apply, because I don't think I want to stay in school for another three years, but if it offers huge advantages...

I won't be applying for quite a while, so if you come across this entry next year, when hopefully the community gets going, feel free to respond!
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I'm in the joint program right now, just finishing my first year. Basically, I chose the program because it allows me to delay making a choice between archival and library work. I think that the two fields are very compatible, and I'm glad that I'll have the flexibility. That being said, if you want to work as an archivist, the MAS is probably sufficient.

If you're interested in chatting with local archivists (many of whom are SLAIS grads), you might consider going to the AABC/ARMA conference in Victoria at the end of the month: I'll probably be there, along with a handful of other current MAS and Joint students, too.
Thanks! That's the same thing I'm thinking, that I'd like to delay the decision betwen the two fields. Do you know if it's possible to get admitted to the joint program, then choose one and graduate in two years? (I realized that if I took three more years in school after this, I'd be 28 when I graduate without ever having been out of school!)

I'll unfortunately be out of town at the time of that conference, or I would go. I saw that John Lutz is speaking, and I was like, hey, I know that person!
It's definitely possible, though I suspect that the department tries to discourage it. Depending on what courses you start in, it might still slow you down, though. For example, a friend of mine started the joint program with me, doing the archival core courses. She realized it wasn't for her, and switched to just the MLIS...but she's one term behind other MLISers who started in fall.