kristin. (lovelustkill) wrote in ubc_slais,

Welcome to the LJ SLAIS community

I guess I should make the inaugural post in this community in the vain hope that others may follow (if anyone else joins, of course). The purpose of this community is to have an online presence for us future/current/former/prospective students at SLAIS. I guess I will start off by introducing myself and hopefully others will feel compelled to do the same. Please feel free to post an introduction in a new entry (or post anything, really).

My name is Kristin, I'm 22 and just finishing up my BA in Law at Carleton University in Ottawa. I have zero library experience (and should probably get on that before I seek out library-related jobs post-MLIS). I do however do a lot of records managment in my current employment a large national medical non-profit organization. I am mostly interested in issues of access to government information, and the balancing between competing interests of privacy, transparency and national security in terms of the collection and uses of personal information by government agencies. After I complete my MLIS degree I might go on to law school or complete my Master of Public Policy, but things can certainly change throughout school. Maybe I will discover a whole other area of library/info studies interest.

Other than that, my partner and I will be hopping in a plane in mid-August and flying across the country, suitcases, cat and little else in hand. I'm terrified of moving to a new city where I know a total of three people, and trying to find a cat-friendly apartment in the timeframe of three weeks, but I'm also extremely excited to live in Vancouver and be near the ocean and Whistler and meet other people in my program.

So, hello!
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Vancouver is awesome, you'll love it! And people are pretty friendly here so it should be fairly easy to meet new folks.

My boss at the UBC Law Library went to law school and he's in the MLIS program now at UBC so you'll likely encounter him at some point.

I'm reapplying for January so maybe I'll see you around campus then!
I think I would find it rather intimidating to have a lawyer in my classes!

Aww I was sad when I read on the libraryschool community that you didn't in. We were both posting about our application/waiting stresses. I really hope you get in for January! Good luck!

He's a really nice laidback guy, not intimidating at all. But I know what you mean, if I get in for January I'll feel a bit intimidated being around all these students who have more than one degree!

Thanks! I hear it's a lot easier to get in for January, and I revised my application so it's much much better. I'll let everyone on lj know the results!

I'll still be in Vancouver in August, if you get bored, my email is
Hi Kristin,

I'm Kelly. I'm finishing my first year of the joint program at SLAIS, so we'll probably be in the library core together next fall. Thanks for starting this community -- it'll be nice to see other SLAISers on LJ.
I'm starting at SLAIS in September, too! And moving across the country from Toronto. I'm also both excited and terrified.